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Adams, John / The Metropolitan Opera — Nixon In China (2BLU RAY)


Штрих-код: 75597960884
Страна производитель: Евросоюз (EU)
Производитель/Дистрибьютор: Warner
Артикул: 272bb0024b01 Категория:


Треклист (Tracklist):

1. Opening Credits and Introduction by Thomas Hampson
2. Introduction [3:52]
3. Soldiers of Heaven Hold the Sky
4. The People Are the Heroes Now
5. Your Flight Was Smooth, I Hope?
6. News, News, News, News
7. The Rats Begin to Chew the Sheets
8. I Can’t Talk Very Well
9. You’ve Said That There’s a Certain Well-Known Tree
10. Founders Come First
11. The World To Come Has Come
12. We No Longer Need Confucius
13. Like the Ming Tombs
14. The Night Is Young
15. Gam Bei! Gam Bei!
16. Ladies and Gentlemen
17. Mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests
18. Interview with James Maddalena and Janis Kelly [
19. Interview with Peter Sellars
20. Interview with Winston Lord and Adrianne Lobel
21. Interview with John Adams
22. I Don’t Daydream and Don’t Look Back
23. Look Down, Look Down
24. This Little Elephant In Glass
25. Look Down, Look Down
26. Come, See the Pigs
27. This is Prophetic!
28. At Last the Weather’s Warming-Up
29. Young As We Are
30. Oh What a Day I Thought I’d Die!
31. Whip! Whip! Whip! Whip!
32. Thank God You Came
33. Ballet Pas De Deux
34. Flesh Rebels
35. I Have My Brief
36. I Am the Wife of Mao Tse-sung
37. Interview with Russell Braun and Richard Paul Fink
38. Some Men You Cannot Satisfy
39. Hit It, Boys
40. And To What End?
41. Sitting Around the Radio
42. When I Woke Up
43. I Can Keep Still
44. Peking Watches the Stars
45. You Won at Poker
46. I Am Old and Cannot Sleep Forever
47. Bows and Closing Credits